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Tork- MAX Throat mic for riders


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The NEW Tork SKULL motorcycle headset is designed specifically for use while wearing a Helmet and riding a motorcycle or snowmobile.

This revolutionary headset places the microphone (1.25" in diameter) inside the helmet above the riders head. The microphone uses a transducer microphone that absorbs the vibrations from your skull and transfer it to the 2 way radio with zero background noise, GUARANTEED!

This cutting edge headset drastically eliminates all wind noise while riding. The transducer microphone is pressed into the top of the helmet with the supplied adhesive and velcro application. The dual helmet speakers earphones are velcroed to the ear area of your helmet for a comfortable seemless fit. The system also includes a finger push to talk (PTT) button and a quick disconnect cable.

Integrated with specially designed thin helmet speakers to improve comfort, the Tork Skull is the ultimate Motorcycle headset application. Just place the microphone inside the top of your helmet, insert the helmet speakers and plug into your radio. These headsets are compatible with Motorola FRS/GMRS Single Pin radios.

Please call for adapters if you have a different radio. Guaranteed to work or your money back!