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Double the fun with two SCALA RIDER® Q2 Multiset headsets!

The SCALA RIDER Q2 MultiSet offers top quality along with intercom communication between two pre-paired headsets for a distance of up to 500m / 1,640 ft.

This state-of-the-art technology allows bikers to receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with other bikers or with the passenger on the back seat, conduct calls on their mobile phones and even to connect to their MP3 players or listen to their embedded FM radio.

Designed and Engineered for Heavy-Duty Performance

  • Bike-to-Bike intercom communications among up to three bikers within a range* of up to 500 m / 1,640 ft.

  • Rider-to-Passenger communications: Passenger can also conduct mobile phone calls or listen to the FM radio independently and cable-connect to an MP3 player.

  • Full Duplex: No longer the walkie-talkie syndrome where one party can only speak when the other is silent. The SCALA RIDER Q2 allows bikers and passengers to talk and listen simultaneously.