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Rider to Rider Motorcycle Headset

Tork- MAX Throat mic for riders

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The Tork MAX is a throat mic that uses a method of induction that picks up voice signals through vibrations in the neck. The result is clear communication without any background noise from the environment. The Tork MAX utilizes a technology concept previously used by the U.S. military, under extremely loud conditions such as combat missions.

The MAX is ideal as a motorcycle and snowmobile headset, where a riding group can all use headsets to communicate clearly using two way radios. Designed specifcally for use while wearing a helmet and riding a motorcycle or snowmobile, these innovative motorcycle headsets utilize a new and improved throat microphone with dual transponders. This dual transponder set-up has significantly improved sound quality and vox sensitivity to meet the aggressively environments of Motorcycle use. Integrated with specially designed thin helmet speakers to improve comfort, the TORK Max is the ultimate Motorcycle headset application.

The MAX Advantage:

  • Integrated helmets speakers
  • Dual Transponders
  • Quick disconnect for the speakers
  • Adjustable neck band
  • Convenient coil cable
  • Compatible with Vox


  • Throat mic strap
  • Finger push to talk (Ptt)

Compatible with :

  • Motorola FRS
  • Cobra FRS